Every time we host locals at Tutu Tuesday it is a for sure riot. It is like everyone is waiting for their own favorite person to take their turn at the twirl and when they show up, they show up proper!

We cast this lineup during an exceptionally epic party where I met some truly fascinating individuals and reconnected with long lost friends. It felt as though a tide has turned and all of the most colorful fishies had migrated to our reef. The main components of this phenomenon were emanate and JOill. These two entities keep the cups full with good tunes and good folks. It is a solid equation with undeniable results.

I am truly excited about this double debut of friends and family. Music unites us first but it is all the great stuff that comes after that keeps us together--lighting up and singing a song, dancing on the beach under the stars, happy coincidences and chance rendezvous--that's what keeps it coming, time after time, song after song. That's why we are still here...rocking the free world;)

Join us for this dance and I'll show you a magic you won't soon forget.



$10 or $2 in a tutu before 11pm
handmade tutus for sale



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