The Lizard Lounge: Pre-LIB Marination

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Join your reptilian lovers on Friday the 19th of May, at the place where it all began...

The Kava Lounge will be once again transformed into a safehaven for all reptiles and freaks of nature alike, joined through deep appreciation for carefully selected music shaped by a communal love for house and techno.

Reptile Society's first get together in San Diego was held here, and something truly special was fostered. We are very rekindle the flames for a night of outrageous debauchery and orgasmic auditory pleasure, as we set the vibes at the one and only Lizard Lounge.

We are always looking to help others express themselves at our gatherings in whatever artistic way they thrive in, so if you are interested in vending or live art at this event please feel free to post on the page!

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