Taylor Gang Bash - Hosted By Wiz Khalifa




Tickets: http://sutraoc.com/evt/20160826/taylor-gang-bash-hosted-by-wiz-khalifa
Reservations: 949.722.7103

It's hard not to love an original: the first of many to follow. This notion lends attribution to the world's adoration with Wiz Khalifa. Born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Wiz Khalifa is more than a mere M.C. He is a movement and maverick. Four years ago, he simultaneously gave blue collar Americans, as well as his native town of Pittsburgh, a Hip-Hop champion with his #1 mega-hit "Black & Yellow," a nod to his city's colors. When rap marketing was primarily focused on street and nightclub promotions, an unsigned yet clairvoyant Wiz decided to share his sinsemilla-scented indie music with an overlooked demo of suburban and collegiate youth. Rap touring mined newer soil and conceived was the soundtrack for a new generation of free-spirited young hippies--fans as well as up-and-coming MCs. "No matter what changes, you're always gonna want that original feeling," says Wiz. "Nothing really comes in the way of that. You can't really fight it."


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