Sure Thing & VX: Cititrax II w/ Veronica Vasicka

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Sure Thing, VX & Minimal Wave present: Cititrax II

Veronica Vasicka (Founder of Cititrax / Minimal Wave | NYC)
Broken English Club LIVE aka Oliver Ho (Cititrax / Jealous God | UK)
Tzusing (Cititrax / L.I.E.S | China)
Aaron J (Sure Thing)
Rachel Aiello / Justin Anastasi (VX)

Veronica Vasicka (NY)
Veronica Vasicka has managed to take a lifelong love of electronically modulated sounds, along with a ardor for playing recorded versions of said sounds, and transform that passion into an impressive, intriguing cottage industry. A collector of vintage synthesizers and drum machines—Roland SH-101! Fricke MFB-501!—the New York–based Vasicka decided to bring her beloved music to the masses in 2003 via East Village Radio's Minimal-Electronik, a show dedicated to for her favored style: old, obscure, spare and often dark. “I had this collection of Dutch magazines from the early '80s," Vasicka explained in a 2009 interview, "and they kept using the terms minimal electronics, new wave, coldwave and a bunch of others. I kind of thought there should be a term that covers all this music, and I thought minimal wave could be it." And with that bit of nomenclature set, her obsession became her career. In 2005, she kicked her similarly-themed label, Minimal Wave, into gear. But Vasicka wasn't done yet: In 2008, she launched the Cititrax imprint, a clearinghouse for newer synth-based acts, jacking house, raw techno and the like—and she's developed into something of an evangelist for the music, DJing around the world to spread the sine-wave gospel.

Broken English Club (UK)
Those familiar with Oliver Ho's fearsome and often brutal futurist early EPs on Blueprint and his more recent avant techno/house Raudive material will be aware of his ability to inject a dark narrative into functional electronics. Broken English Club delivers monotone vocals and shards of live instrumentation over stuttering beats and bleak synths. The blank-stared, pin-point focused electronics and layers of noise betray no/wave and post punk influences, dragging together industrial experimentation and pitch-black techno.

Tzusing (China)
Tzusing's appearances on Cititrax and Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S. represent one man’s personal project to redefine the laws of modern dance music. Presenting EBM-informed sounds, and relishing in harsh tones, unexpected samples, noisy techno and grungy electronics, Tzusing is post-punk no-wave realised via synthesiser and drum machine.

Aaron J (Sure Thing)
Rachel Aiello (VX)
Justin Anastasi (VX / Surface Tension)

Sound by Danley Sound Labs, Inc.


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