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The Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival strives to find the most creatively engaging music being made today. As we get ready for this year's festival (on May 13 weekend) we need to release some of the excitement being built up. To do this we are bringing some amazing artists that are guaranteed to force us to dance.

On APRIL 1st in San Francisco we have the bay area debut of Alix Perez & EPROM's innovative new supergroup 'SHADES'. Causing massive ripples in the world of music ever since its conception. Make sure you don't miss this incredibly special performance! Assisting them to blow minds will be more talent then should be allowed under one roof. Join us for this special evening of next level music guaranteed to satisfy your craving for unmatched beats.

Come get ready for the festival & drench yourself in this refreshing audio waterfall that stands out in an ocean of repetitive waves.

ALL the feels provided by-

◢ SHADES ◣ [ ALIX PEREZ (Belgium/UK) & EPROM ] *New Project / Bay Area Debut*


◀ KRNE ▶



◆ BOGL ◆





Alix Perez (Belgium/UK) and Eprom (USA) are ◢ SHADES ◣.

Perez found his rise to fame in drum n bass, releasing on Shogun Audio, Exit Recordings amongst many other labels and collaborating with the foremost names in dance and electronic music such as Noisia, Foreign Beggars, dBridge, and many more.

Eprom gained his well-deserved success through his innovative take on bass music, a unique sound that has the likes of Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah, D-Styles singing his praises and supporting his music.

SHADES exemplifies slanted grooves, a deep pocket and hard yet graceful composition. The debut self-titled EP (released on Alpha Pup) is a truly unique body of work. Aware of each other's music for some time before meeting, Perez and Eprom first crossed paths at the 2013/2014 Northern Bass festival in New Zealand. The following summer they met again at the Red Bull Studios LA producing the Foreign Beggars’ Modus EP. This initial studio session led to further collaborations and SHADES was born. XLR8R have rightly said “music that's not only a legitimate full-frontal assault in the same vein as tunes from that golden era of gluttonous bass and synths, but that embraces that ethos while giving it a more polished feel”.

Bleep Bloop’s musical world is one of stripped back, bass-heavy beats paired with stark,surreal soundscapes. Aggressive and off the wall sounds weave in and out of heavy drums as he blends genre’s into a low frequency style that works as well at a festival as it does in your headphones. He has earned the support of distinguished artists such as DJ Shadow, Noisia, 12th Planet,DJ Craze, Kode9, Boyz Noize, Minnesota, Herobust, and G Jones, to name just a few. He has performed at sold out shows in flagship venues across the country alongside DJ Shadow,Cashmere Cat as well as Low End Theory (LA). His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio1, Diplo and Friends, Rinse FM, and on every continent except for antarctica (maybe).
“Angular, brutal and barbed with a bass tongue that tickles with both a west coast and UK twang, it’s the sound Bleep Bloop has been cooking since he was first baptized by bass” -Dave Jenkins, UKF
Bass dipped in liquid question marks and rolled in lazers.

KRNE is a producer and DJ from Oakland, CA. Drawing upon his eclectic musical background and foundations in jazz, he melds his love of electronic and hip hop beats blurring the lines between the two. His works are at home, in the club, festivals and naturally in a pair of headphones.


Enhanced visual atmosphere / Transformed space / Live performances / Additional Lighting & operation / Live visuals & projection mapping / Thick vibes / Complete night of perfect music / 2 separate areas of sounds / Positive Welcoming Atmosphere / Live Painting / Stunning Original Vendors / More!+++


This PreParty Is A Warm Up For The EMISSIONS: WEST COAST BASS CULTURE FESTIVAL happening May 13-16
The festival is a celebration of the most creative music being made today & the amazing culture that surrounds it.

"Emissions Festival is the definition of West Coast Bass Culture"


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