Outspoken invites Butch (Otherside / Desolat)




Outspoken: Uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve.

BUTCH (DJ / Producer)
Constantly working in parallels - drenched by a potent mixture of juxtaposition and fluidity in both his sets and his productions - Bülent Gürler AKA Butch, fuses the grey-area space between music of the body and mind. With over 20 years consumed by a thirst for electronic music, the Alzey-born, Mainz raised entity has released on leading imprints such as Desolat, Cocoon, Rekids, Sei Es Drum and beyond, while maintaining a solid DJ schedule that’s seen him opening the minds and hearts of crowds at fabric, Time Warp and his continuing residency at Berlin’s Watergate.

Supporting sets by:

Miles DiPaola https://soundcloud.com/milesdipaola

Lisbona Sisters https://soundcloud.com/lisbona-1

Mike Gushansky https://soundcloud.com/mikegushansky
Presale starting at 15$
RSVP: www.outspokenlosangeles.com for discounted entry before 11pm.
21+ w/ ID
For tables & bottles: 323-464-2065


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