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Well folks, picture a dance floor full of bright smiles and bare legs. A fearless freedom that can only be attained at a No Pants Party and we sincerely want you all to be a part of it. So…TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AND DANCE!
No Pants Party is truly a ritualistic endeavor where you symbolically shed layers of psyche along with literally shedding your pants. It is a powerful, transformative experience to let yourself go!

To warm up your dance hands, the loveliest of goddesses Jamie Mamikunian will bestow the gift of her world famous hand massages on the self-elected chosen people of the no pants kingdom.
And to help you find your Courage to Shine, the mystical Erin Shredder will guide the way to no pants bliss by demonstrating ideal techniques in butt tightening and thigh lengthening. Don’t let lack of confidence hold you back. No pants is for everyone! And the music…well, let’s just say it will be worth taking your pants off for.

$10 in no pants, $20 if you insist on wearing pants
complimentary pants check
workout by Shredder at 9pm



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