Nightmares on Wax (DJ set)

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On Saturday June 18th, HUSHconcerts and Blasthaus present NIGHTMARES ON WAX DJ set. It is no exaggeration to say that Nightmares on Wax’s work is synonymous with a place in time. It is a savoured brand of sun-drenched dubbed out soul, blended where fragments of hazy memories & sofa sojourning. For George Eveyln, the man behind Nightmares on Wax, it solidified a reputation as the patriarch of this very popular genre associated with chill out / ambient / down tempo. However, the Nightmares success story doesn’t end there. Once again, Nightmare’s trademark stamp is evident; rhythms infectious in their simplicity, blues-infused time signatures overlaid by Quincy Jones-esque synth lines and the inherent fusion of relaxed dub, hallucinogenic hip hop and Balearic melodies.

Nightmares On Wax (DJ Set)

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