Housepitality feat. We Are Monsters (All Night)

Who's Going


(((HOUSEPITALITY))) We bow to one of our favorite crews in SF curating the most unique sounds for your ears for over three years.They blow our minds and its time we let them blow yours all night at the pit.. Welcome..

::WE ARE MONSTERS:: - al night!
(Mozhgan, Solar, Jason Greer - SF)

Rocking thy body in thy lounge:
(Housepitality, SF)

None other than Mozhgan, Solar and Jason Greer have done so much for the scene lately. From their bookings to their poster art its all beautifully curated. After attending their 3 year anniversary party at Monarch I found myself DANCING MY ASS OFF to all three of them as they went B2B2B into a frenzy. The music they play is beaufifully raw, diverse, lusciously dark and just plain good. We can't wait for this night of LOCAL HEAT! We Got U!!!


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