Haunted No Tell Motel w Adrian Lux

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Haunted No Tell Motel w/ Adrian Lux! Dress up in your spooky, sexy, haunted Halloween attire and party at SF's best new nightclub.

For table reservations call 415.205.5045 or email reservations@loveandpropaganda.com

Adrian Lux can’t seem to leave the studio these days. After all, he’s trying to make a proper album here—an intro-to-out collection of absolute anthems, custom made for clubs and living rooms. He’s off to a splendid start, too, with three inescapable singles (“Can’t Sleep,” “Strawberry” and “Teenage Crime”) that bridge the gap between head rush house and the kind of cutting-edge pop that seems to only come from Sweden. “This is going to sound weird,” says Lux, “But it’s hard for me to not write single-type songs—tracks you’ll want to listen to a million times. And that’s okay. It’s better to make one of those than three that sound good, but not great.”

Opening sets by Nile and thatSOUND



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