Direct to Earth w/ John Templeton

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It's about time we had another family night with one of our brother's from another, one of techno's best kept secrets, the super talented John Templeton! The last time this master joined us in SF, he tore the roof off 222 Hyde. Now he's coming back for round 2, and at another one of our favorite venues, F8! You're in for quite the treat of heady, cerebral tunes and waves of energy you've never felt before.

John Templeton [GATF]
Max Gardner (DTE, Shuffle Co-Op)
Patrick Gil (DTE, Gynoid, Deeplabs)

Backroom safari by Bob 5 and Trevor Mook

$5 presales via the RA link above, $10 at the door
Here's to TECHNO, here's to YOU!!


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