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Electronic music is it necessarily without soul, without words, without a face? No, of course. And one of the finest examples to counter these stereotypes associated with artists of the era of almost thirty machines is a long-haired, Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot. Like many musicians of the 2000s is that Thibaut on Myspace turns his first compositions. “From hip-hop with a computer instrumental, samples and midi keyboard,” remembers Thibaut. While continuing his work as a graphic director, he started making remixes for Justice, late of the pier, or metronomy Fatlip. In 2007, the first single siglé Breakbot “Happy Rabbit”, 500 copies, released on the British label Moshi Moshi Records. He started DJing in clubs in 2008 and is particularly a great tour of Australia alongside Van She and Pnau.


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