MANICS is a Left Brain / Right Brain production duo by Jordan Deherrera and Chris Sanders. Their "Personalities EP" was released in April 2012 and received critical acclaim. The project was a strange convergence of Indie Dance and 110 bpm electro (known as moombahton). Following this release, the duo has released some 20+ originals and remixes with large and small labels including Dim Mak Records, Oh My God Its Techno Music, Temple Music Group and more.

Somewhere in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, in a labyrinthine warehouse, down a twisting hallway, in a dark room, Pixel Memory is channeling transmissions from the interzone. A PA system pumps out a muscular beat, followed by a subterranean bassline. As the rhythm darts and ducks, an icy synthesizer plucks out a disorienting motif. Austin Fraser's fingers tightly grip the knobs of his machines, giving the sounds life, cuing vocalist Lisa Greyson to step up to the microphone. Her lips unfurl an unearthly melody, full of dark emotion and desire. When the sound builds to a point of near-unbearable tension, drummer Joe Gray unleashes a gale-force beat. An orchestra of synthesizers twists and mutates into unrecognizable forms and the band charges into unknown space.



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