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DNA Lounge presents

indie. pop. new wave. dark electronica. gothic. industrial. 80s.
9pm - after hours.
18+ with ID.

$13, $18 limited advance;
$20 advance after;
$20 - $30 door.

The DNA Lounge Halloween Extravaganza!

Ten spoooooky DJs in four spoooooky rooms:

Adrian (Bootie SF)
Mysterious D (Bootie SF)
The Speakeasy Syndicate
KidHack (Future Universal)
Blondie K & subOctave (Fringe)
Shindog (New Wave City)
Netik (Meat)
BaconMonkey (Meat / Turbo Drive)
Decay (Death Guild)
Omar (Popscene)

With your host:

Dr. Kingfish (Hubba Hubba Revue)
....and the Hubba Hubba Murder Nurses!

Midnight costume contest with $1000 in cash prizes!

If there was ever a holiday created just for DNA Lounge that holiday is Halloween, and this is our fourteenth spoooooky year throwing this party! We're bringing you a double-sized Halloween madhouse in all four rooms!

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VIP Upstairs: $500:
VIP Downstairs: $585:
VIP Double: $999:

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Girls's Costume Warehouse:

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