40 Thieves

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40 Thieves is a collective of DJs and music makers from the San Francisco Bay Area that formed in 2004 with the notion of creating quality music soundtracks for your average all-night, sweat-fueled futuristic disco fantasy party. At it's core reside Layne Fox, Corey Black & Jay Williams, providing the majority of thrust behind the direction and output. Alongside are a bevy of friends contributing musical secret sauce to the group's diverse sonic stew. Travis 'TK' Kirschbaum was a co-founder and key contributor and local best buds Qzen, Alona, Rita Mazlan, Jason 'JP Soul' Peters, Chris MacGrew, Masahiko Kiritani, Dave Dick, Victor Critchfield, Colin Klingman, Dave Kurzman and Larry Hamilton all play various roles in past and current productions.





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